The boy who dared to fly

“Icarus should have waited for nightfall, the moon would have never let him go.”

It all started when I decided to be more vocal about exactly what I want, only then I’ve learned the hard way that there’s nothing worse than those who make you feel guilty for being ambitious or for refusing to accept anything less than what you want.
They made me feel like I’m not good enough to create my own path & I have allowed fear to become the core of my identity, but in the last couple of months, my perspective on certain things has changed & things were not clear-cut anymore which reminded me of Icarus’s story

In Greek mythology, Daedalus and his son Icarus were imprisoned in Crete by the king so Daedalus made them each a pair of wings, out of feathers and wax so that they would be able to escape.
Before escaping tho, Daedalus warned his son, “Don’t fly too high or the sun will melt the wax on your wings and you will fall, Follow me closely. Do not set your own course.”
But Icarus became so excited by his ability to fly, he forgot the warning and followed his own course instead, he flew too high, the wax melted, and Icarus fell down into the sea and drowned.

So you see everyone has always blamed Icarus’s ambition for his death & here’s the thing, people talk about the fall all the time but never about the fly.
There’s a quote that says Find what you love and let it kill you” and that’s exactly what he did.
Icarus had a choice between a brief encounter with whatever he wanted which in his story is to reach the sun or a meaningless existence, so maybe It wasn’t freedom he wanted. maybe it was something else, something more important to him that he chose to reach toward it no matter what, or that he just wanted to fly more than he wanted to live so maybe he knew his fate all along and chose not to do anything about it.
Can ambition be dangerous? yes, I know how unhealthy it can be. But ambition as a whole? To call it out as a bad thing is just wrong.
So today as I’m writing this I’m not where I want to be yet and I have no idea what the future is hiding for me but I believe that sometimes we are not meant to know the answer straight away.
All I know is that I’m no longer ashamed of my ambition & my high standards, I’m meant for more in this life and it’s time to climb after my dreams and goals boldly without needing to hold back due to other people’s fragile egos.
So let your fears go what’s meant to be will be, take risks, follow your heart and be your own person. And when things get a little bit too much,
Remember Icarus, the beautiful boy who dared to fly.

Till Next Time

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