Haven’t you heard | Open Letter

Dear you,
I’m happy to say that I don’t look in the crowd for you anymore
You once promised to always be there for me, but somehow every single time I needed you-you managed to disappear, You broke my trust which was never an easy thing for me to give in the first place. I should have believed the signs that I so bluntly ignored.
As much as I am a princess who lives in her world that she build-out of her daydreams, I was never that kind of a princess who waits in a tower for her knight to come and rescue her by climbing her long hair, which by the way I cut it short, Haven’t you heard?
I remember telling you about my dreams, who I want to be and what I want to do, and your answer was to let it go because, I wasn’t meant to do such a thing, that these dreams might be possible, but for someone else, someone who is not me which was crazy because that was what made me unique in the first place, right?
You were right when you said I don’t deserve you even when you didn’t mean it that way. It doesn’t matter now. You finally don’t crawl into my thoughts when I’m alone anymore. In a long time, I’m not sitting in the corner of the room contemplating my decision of ending us. I’m not staring at the people who are dancing, laughing and singing with the song because this time I’m one of them. I feel free of all the bonds, of all the memories, of all the times you painted me blue.
Thank you for doubting me because without it I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing right now.
I got the good side of things.
You don’t own the credit to any of achievement anymore.

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